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Septwolves Specialty Stores

Septwolves Specialty Stores
As the leading enterprise in Fujian’s apparel industry, Septwolves has established a sound brand image with its quality products and professional marketing and finally developed itself from a small-size family business into a listed company. Today, Septwolves has 120,000 square meters modern industrial workshops and 4,000-plus specialty stores. Although it has established a uniform marketing style through continual upgrading in the last couple of years, it still relies heavily on the print media for brand publicity, new product promotion and information release which is rather inefficient indeed and dwarfs its efforts at brand image enhancement.

With the rapid development of businesses, it becomes a problem for Septwolves to improve the quality of brand promotion and the effects of marketing work. Star-net Communication’s digital signage specialty store information release system, integrating of both hardware and software, is customized according to the diversified promotional needs of Septwolves and therefore has worked effectively in the promotion of Septwolves brand.

The touch control technology is specifically introduced for Star-net Communication’s digital signage specialty store information release system so that a billboard screen becomes a self-help terminal of the client. The customers can browse the official website, online shopping platform, VIP zone and fashion messages of Septwolves and even play interactive games on the billboard screen during shopping. It allows the customers to acquire information at times of ease and hence helps to improve customer satisfaction index. The upgrading of all Septwolves specialty stores transforms Septwolves from a traditional apparel enterprise into a modern digitalized brand.
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